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The concept of "Civilised Dining" is firmly based on the way we have come to understand and appreciate the importance of sustainability.
We are keenly interested in the provenance, sourcing, and ethics of the ingredients we use since it is our motto that "food is health", and we believe that only food that has been raised right, grown responsibly, and wherever possible sourced locally, can contribute to the health of our guests and the planet as a whole.

Chef Patron, Adebola Adeshina explains how the focus on sustainability is expressed in his vision for modern British cooking at The Chubby Castor.

“Sustainability is at the heart of our approach to modern British cooking.

Our menus are focused on showcasing the finest local and seasonal produce available which is sourced from reputable local suppliers supporting our farming communities.”

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We continuously evaluate our approach and identify strategies to improve the way we contribute to the sustainability within our local community, as well as regarding the efficient management of our supply chain.

This starts close to home.

When you visit The Chubby Castor, chances are you will be tasting one item or another with zero food miles, grown on-site. Our vegetable garden is tended by our in-house gardener, providing some of the produce we serve throughout the year.